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Once eBay moves forward with this change in June, active content will be ignored by eBay on your listings.

eBay will not end your listings and they will not disallow listings from being listed to eBay that contain active content.  Typically customers using the inkFrog Classic site have active content related to inkFrog traffic and/or Cross sell.  If eBay ignores either, it will not affect the display of your listings on eBay.

Turning off inkFrog traffic and/or Cross sell in inkFrog Classic does not remove the active content from your listings permanently.  eBay may report the active content to you via email, but it will not affect your listing display, launching or editing or relisting if the active content is related to traffic or cross sell.


We highly recommend moving to our inkFrog Open software. inkFrog Open is 100% compatible with eBay changes and a certified eBay 3rd party listing provider.


We can disable active content for your inkFrog Open account. Doing so would cause a revision to all of your listings to remove any active content within them so they are complaint with eBay's changes.

Once active content is disabled within an inkFrog Open account, we cannot re-enable it. inkFrog Open will attempt to remove all active content within your existing listings automatically.

However, inkFrog Open does not actively monitor for other 3rd party sites (including Classic) that may have access to your eBay listings.  These other sites may add active content back to the listings after you have inkFrog Open remove the content.

It is recommended that you review your active eBay tokens for 3rd party applications and revoke any that you no longer use.  We also recommend removing the inkFrog Classic token should you decide to move to inkFrog Open to prevent Classic from adding active content to your listings once it is removed by inkFrog Open.  Please note, removing the token for Classic will immediately stop any communication between eBay and your inkFrog Classic account.


Here are the steps to revoke a token:
  1. Log in to eBay.
  2. Go to My eBay.
  3. Under My Account, Click on Preferences.
  4. On the Preferences page, look for Third-party authorizations.
  5. Select the Application for which you want to revoke the token.
  6. Click Apply.


If you choose to use inkFrog Open, you're able to connect your inkFrog Classic billing to the new inkFrog Open account.  You must be on an automatic monthly payment plan with inkFrog Classic and not using pre-pay billing to connect the subscriptions.

This means you get to use inkFrog Open for your lower, Classic plan price. 

Connecting is simple:

  1. Create an inkFrog Open account (if you haven't yet) at www.inkfrog.com (or try our new frog.ink domain!)
  2. Login to your Open account, and then visit this URL https://open.inkfrog.com/settings/account/classic/
  3. That's it! You can now login to Open and you get to keep your lower Classic pricing.




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