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You may have recently received an email from eBay concerning the use of active content in your listings.  First, no need to panic, inkFrog can certainly assist with removing active content from your listings!

Once eBay moves forward with this change in June, active content will be ignored by eBay on your listings. This may or may not cause the listing description to change depending upon the type of active content within your listings.

This Active Content Checker allows you enter an eBay item number and it will show you what is active content within the listing and how it would appear without the active content.


inkFrog Classic Customers

Cross Sell & inkFrog Traffic contain active content. Please disable both features in preferences within your Classic account. 


inkFrog Open

We highly recommend moving to our inkFrog Open software. 

If you choose to begin using inkFrog Open, please also disable Cross Sell & inkFrog Traffic within your inkFrog Classic account or email open@inkFrog.com for assistance.

We can disable active content for your inkFrog Open account. Doing so would cause a revision to all of your listings to remove any active content within them so they are complaint with eBay's changes.

Once active content is disabled within an inkFrog Open account, we cannot re-enable it. inkFrog will attempt to remove all active content within your existing listings automatically.

Issues that may arise from disabling active content

  1. inkFrog Open's Template Designer:  If the template was built using inkFrog's template designer, even if the template is embedded with your description text, disabling active content will fix it.  For example, the image zoom is considered active content.  Once active content is disabled for your inkFrog Open account, zoom will automatically be replaced with click to enlarge images.
  2. Non inkFrog Template:  If you are using a template that was not created within inkFrog Open, disabling active content will just remove javascript within the listings, thus, some functions may no longer work such as hover or zoom features in your design.
  3. inkFrog Open's Custom Template:  If you are using a custom template which was created/saved within your inkFrog Open account, depending upon the code that was used, you may have to revisit the template code and remove or replace any javascript to update your listings.  Once you revise a template, it will automatically update any listings linked to the template.  If active content is disabled on your inkFrog Open account and you have not revised the template, the javascript will be removed automatically on the listings and whatever that javascript did, will no longer function within the listings (hover or zoom images for example).  We recommend revising the custom design or creating a new template using inkFrog Open's design tool and applying the new template to the listings.
  4. Videos:  If you have videos displayed within your eBay listings, disabling active content will remove the videos from the listings.

Regardless of whether you have us disable active content within your inkFrog Open account now or if you wait until June, the end result will be the same, eBay will automatically ignore any active content in your listing description once they release this change.

If you would like to proceed with having active content turned off for your inkFrog Open account, please contact our customer care team by submitting a support ticket or emailing open@inkFrog.com or select the Disable Active Content button within your inkFrog Open account http://open.inkfrog.com/settings/activecontent/



Long Term Recommendation

We recommend building a template with our design tool located under Templates within your inkFrog Open account.  If a template is built and linked to your eBay listings this way, inkFrog can easily help update the listings to comply with any current as well as future eBay changes.

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