Remove Embedded HTML in Bulk

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In compliance with eBay's new policies, Inkfrog Classic now offers a feature to help sellers remove embedded HTML from their library listings in bulk! Image links, templates and other coding that becomes embedded into the description on listings can result in eBay sending warning notifications to remove the content. Using the new Strip HTML option in Classic may ease the fix time for sellers facing this scenario.


To access this feature, please navigate to Listings / Library. Select the listing or page of listings, click Options / Strip HTML, then click Strip to apply the changes. You can apply the changes to each page of listings in the library as needed.





PLEASE NOTE: Using the Strip HTML is not guaranteed to remove the embedded coding and may cause display issues if using a custom or premade theme. We strongly advise testing on an example listing first to gauge how the changes will interact with your template. Use at your own risk.

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