Be leary of emails to "activate" your inkFrog account.

Greg S. -

There are some fake emails going around that are being sent to users regarding "activating" or "reactivating" their inkFrog accounts. These emails contain a link to a site that looks exactly like our site. When you login to this site (which looks like inkFrog), these 'hackers' will have your username and password data. Never login to inkFrog from a link inside an email! Always type in when coming to our site.

The easiest way to spot a fake site is to verify the URL in the top of your browser window is from '' -- If you are at the correct inkFrog site, it will show: in the URL window of your browser. If it does not say this, immediately leave this site and you can access your correct inkfrog account at

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused anyone. The site that is trying this scam is hosted in China. We will be contacting the host to see if they will shut it down, however we believe they may try this again through another host. So it's very important that you become educated on how to spot these scams and not click on their links from inside the emails.

If you believe you may have already gone through one of these links and logged in - make sure you update your password in inkFrog immediately and any other passwords to 'eBay' related sites (eBay, paypal, etc.) that used the same password as your inkFrog one!



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