Smart Lister for eBay Parts & Accessories and eBay International sites..

Greg S. -

Hi all, 

We are very pleased to be announcing the release of our Smart Lister for eBay Motors Parts & Accessories and International sites including;,,,, and 

Users can now choose which Smart Lister data plan they would like to use directly inside their accounts. To upgrade, go to the 'account' link in your account, then click on the 'Account Payment Options' on the left menu, and notice the 'change' link that allows you to change your plan.  You can also upgrade from the Smart Lister tab directly (or from one of the banners on the lister). Below is a list of the new, available plans:

plans include 2GB of image space, unlimited listing, scheduling, and full use of inkFrog with no limitations:

  • Smart Lister w data: $14.95/mo
  • Smart Lister w eBay International and Parts/Accessories:  $14.95/mo
  • Smart Lister w both and eBay International: $19.95/mo

We are very excited about this release as a large % of our users list on international sites and to eBay Motors Parts & Accessories. The use of this data will also help us build and create more innovative decision engines for our Smart Lister users to ensure better success on eBay.

Already thousands of users are actively using our Smart Lister and having great success. We will be continually improving this product to ensure it returns more accurate results as well as other important decisions for our users.

On another note, we have also have also greatly streamlined our listing flow process when using our Smart Lister research. The research is now manually controlled by the user, instead of auto generated. Thus, you can manually control when you want research to generate so it doesn't slow your listing creation process down.

We hope you enjoy the updates and we look forward to a prosperous Xmas season and 2011. We believe our "Smart" tools will be the future of listing online and will ensure our sellers have the greatest success.

Greg S.
InkFrog, inc.

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