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As many of you may be aware, eBay announced and released a new duplicate listing policy effective Oct. 26th.  What this policy means is that sellers can no longer have 2 or more of the same listings on eBay at the same time in the Fixed Price format.  inkFrog is working on tools to help with this issue, but until these are completed it's important that you make sure you update your listings so they do not get removed by eBay (note, they will not be  charging you for listings they remove because of this policy at this time).

Why are they doing this?
eBay is working to ensure that buyers have a greater experience on eBay. One of the key things they are focusing on is a 'smarter search'. The smarter search will bring more relevant buyers to your listing(s). Removing duplicates allows this to happen. In short, having one listing with a multi quantity is just as good (or better) than having many, duplicate listings -- and improves the buyer experience.  Being on the technical side of things, we can understand why.

How can I resolve this?
There are actually many simple solutions available for you if you. One immediate, simple solution is to use the Auction format (instead of the Fixed Price format) for your listings. Using the Auction format has no limitations and will allow you to list duplicates.

Another great solution (if you don't want to use the Auction format)  is to begin using multiple quantity Fixed Price listings.  Adding quantity to your listings is very easy in inkFrog. Simply click on the title of your listing to revise it and add in the new quantity.

As noted above, we are looking into building tools which will help with the duplicate listings as well as come up with software that our sellers can use to be more effective. We will post about those once we get further along with our progress.

Read eBay's official announcement regarding this issue here:


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