eBay Notification issue causing problems with live, unsold, and sold listings

Greg S. -

Hi everyone, eBay is having issues with their end of item notifications (and their update notifications). Our system uses these to keep your listings accurate and up to date. For example, when a listing closes and is unsold, we receive a notification/notice from eBay. Our system then knows to move your 'live' listing to your 'unsold' section.  Because eBay is not sending many of these notices, we can't update your lists. This may affect your live, unsold, and sold listings "lists" inside inkFrog (meaning, they will show incorrectly).

Here is a link to the forum which talks about this issue: 


Here is their official bug report



eBay's notifications are an extremely important part of our system. We hope they have it resolve shortly and will continue to check with them (and bug them) to get the issue resolved.

If you need to update your lists to relist items or better manage them, contact support and they can 'synch' them.

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