Record day for inkFrog - but we did have some glitches!

Greg S. -

Hi all, 

I wanted to post an announcement about our record listing day yesterday as well as some of the glitches that we found.  


First, the good news.

I am extremely excited to announce that inkFrog launched approx. 500k listings yesterday (for eBay's free listing day). This is a record day for us and shows how much we have grown since the early days. This was a huge test to our systems and we learned many things.   This number actually surpassed many of our earlier listing records by over 100k listings -- it was very unexpected (but we liked it!). We believe this is just the start of inkFrog and we will be beat this record in the new year.  I want to thank all of our members for using inkFrog as their listing tool.


Next, the bad news.

Many of you may have experienced slowness and glitches during the free listing day.  Our servers were getting hit harder than they ever have in our history. We were aware of these glitches and were tracking down (and logging) the issues. We learned a lot about our systems and some of the weak points that were causing them. We were able to get 90% of the system working perfectly prior to the end of the day. This week we will be finishing to resolve the rest of these issues to ensure these types of glitches do not happen during the next big eBay listing day. We realize that having problems during a big listing day is unacceptable -- and while we don't want to make excuses -- we do want to let you know what we are doing about it.


The future.

We know that your eBay business is very important and it is absolutely a necessity for you to have a fast, functioning system. We are working behind the scenes to ensure this!  We are not perfect, but very much understand what you require of us as a company and as your listing provider. We are on top of it and will be adding many great improvements going forward.

On another note, I would also like to personally let everyone know that we have a huge site upgrade coming out within the next few months. It's an incredible improvement to our system and will improve both our software and our network!  I'm extremely excited about this upgrade and believe it will power your eBay business for many years to come (and make you more successful). 

I want to thank you for trusting your business with us, and I can assure you that we will continue offering you the best software and system around!



Greg Sisung
inkFrog, inc.

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    Congratulations on the Ink Frog record. I would have liked to break a listing record too, but could not due to slowness and glitches and just plain non functionality.I had to log out and relog back in multiple times.

    I'm glad to hear that Greg (and know that Sheryl) realize that Ebay is how I earn money to eat, pay bills and hopefully have some fun too. When my listing site fails, I lose money. Period.

    Ink Frog has had more than its share of glitches the last 6 months or so. Instead of a steady stream of so-called improvements and new site features, why not concentrate on making everything already here actually work?

    For example, All of Ebay's Item Specifics, which have been around since summer are still not implemented on IF. And the color/shade drop down menus are a mess! Allow us to manually type in Brand names. There are way too many to have effective drop down lists and - just doesn't cut it with Google.

    The photo uploader works great one day and is slow as stink the next. Get that consistently fast! And I won't even go into "refreshing" to keep IF current with what is actually Live on Ebay. Selling an item tonight that is still showing as Active on IF tomorrow is unacceptable. I'm sick and tired of having to daily  contact support to get IF refreshed.

    Fix these headaches, then come back and tell us about the next big thing.



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    Amen 1stoliveoyl, Amen. 

    Ink frog wasn't just glitchy yesterday, it's been glitchy for a while on random days.  I was seriously shopping around for another service.  I will wait to see what these "big improvements" are but I am at the end of my rope.  Ebay is my income as well, and the glitches slow down my listing process so I get less done.  I don't get paid unless I get stuff listed. 

    Please fix the current issues before you focus on the next big thing!

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    I can't upload photos today. It seems that on any given day of the week there is some sort of problem with IF. I maintain an average of 1100 listings on eBay, and aspire to write new ones every day. There are days when I just have to give up. If IF would fix the problems and not worry about upgrades it would be a nice site. However, I make my living on eBay and when I cannot work, because you are not working properly, I lose sales.

    I am highly frustrated right now. I have uploaded images twice now and it looks like they are going, says that the upload is complete, but the folder is empty.

    It is always something,

    How about just perfecting what you have and not worry about upgrades?

    We have the Holidays coming and many free listing days ahead. We need a functioning site.

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    I am glad that all the excitement was yesterday but why can I not list for tonight (11/16). I have repeatedly made attempts without success. It does seem like there have been more and more glitches and people are being forgotten who have used this service for a long time.

    I go for a live chat but am told no one to speak with......I sent a note Sunday for a possible answer to a problem but still no reply.......What is going on!!

    As with everything else, there is always another service to use when listing for eBay and I am sure many people will begin to think that too especially when everyone is trying to list for the Holidays.....

    Hope problems are resolved soon...can't be soon enough!!!!!

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    I am also shopping around I just tried to relist items that ended an hour ago & I can't because

    IF has it still showing as listed also items I sold 5 or more days ago also are showing still listed.

    I have start all over to list the ended items that do not show up in the unsold page.

    I make a living as well as a eBay Power Seller & I do not have time to do this I have other items I need

    to list without having completely re-due items I should already uploaded photos for & described all over


    I will be using eBay to get these items relisted & I should just cancel IF save the wasted time & money & just

    use eBay to list all my items so I can actually get updated item status & more work done.

    We spend many hours photographing uploading & describing to have this add more time to our scheduled

    plans each day.

    I am disappointed to see how excited IF is about the set record & new future stuff in coming months when we need efficiency today.

    No mention about our items still showing live that have ended or already sold?

    How can IF be excited about a system that isn't properly working & causing their customers to need to shop around or

    list through eBay?

    IF never seems to keep actually updated status.

    IF could have exceeded above their set record if the site actually worked properly for all customers that always seem to have struggles

    using IF.

    I am very unsatisfied & I fully agree with the prior customer comments above.

    I always have to hope IF will be functioning properly I am tired of it.

    Jwing  ;-(

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    Greg S.

    I hear you all! Trust me, things are on their way to improving drastically. The new 'improved' site is better all around! Everything was optimized.

    regarding the image uploads, we setup a new cluster to help with the increased listings/users etc. and we think there is a weird bug with the image uploader. It uploads fine, but some users have to relogin to see their updated images. Do me a favor, logout and log back in now. I've re-routed everyone back to our original clusters and it should work for you. If not, let me know. I'm monitoring as well.

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    Greg S.


    Can you tell me what issues you are having listing? What errors are you getting when you try and list

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    Dear Greg Sisung,

    Admitting there is a problem is the first step, taking action and actually fixing the problem is the real clincher here.  The majority of people commenting (if not all) rely on eBay (and IF!) for their income, when one or the other is experiencing "glitches," it cuts into our income. 

    We are paying you for a service and by your own admonition, we did not get that service so how about issuing some refunds???  If I order something and pay for it, I expect to get it......if I don't, the only logical solution is to get a refund.

    How about it Greg?

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     Your product CONSTANTLY HAS PROBLEMS, not just yesterday.  I am shocked that you are still in business and will be shopping around to other businesses.  Your customer service is HORRIFIC, and you may as well send me to a foreign country where no one speaks English and I would receive the same amount of "help."  Your live customer support does not provide answers but is simply great at passing on any problems to a tech person (who last time took 6 DAYS TO GET BACK TO ME-  if you sell on eBay then you understand that this is NOT an acceptable amount of time to wait to get back to your customers).  Very sorry that I brought my business here.

    When I asked for some type of re-fund to compensate me for my problems, I was informed that they simply do not do this.   Any other company would strive for keeping their customers happy.  What does inkFrog do?  They issue a blanket statement apologizing.  That did not help the errors that were caused that my customers saw.  That did not help the fact that I couldn't list a number of my products do to a constant error.


    Good luck inkFrog keeping your customers.  They will eventually get fed up and head somewhere else. 

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    Greg S.

    Ok, i've discussed this with the dev team and we are going to make a manual 'refresh' in the live, unsold, and sold section immediately. I've gotten a verbal commitment from our dev team that we can have this done by the end of next week (and i'll make sure they make this timeline!)  This will allow you all to synch your lists manually (immediately) as you need. I'm putting a rush on this and getting it resolved before anything else.

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    Even though many others have already made most of the valid points that I would. I must add my own two cents. I AM SICK OF NOT BEING ABLE TO USE INKFROG.... I have been in business for 13 years on Ebay. I have used many different programs to run my auctions. I belonged to the program that eventually merged to create INKFROG. If I was not so happy with it all in the beginning, I would have left months ago. In the past 2 weeks I have lost well over $1,500 due to IF inability to fit my needs. I have not been able to create listing and have wasted valuable time messing around with all of the server failures. That is a hard pill to swallow, beacuse I can never get back the time that was lost. When I am not able to create listing, I am forever out the money I would have made. I can not make up for the lost, beacuse I have listing to create every day. I do not understand all of the problems on your end, but I also do not get paid to understand and fix them. I pay you to do that and in the recent months, you have not done your job :( The worst part is writing a help ticket and not getting an answer. Only being told it is fixed or will be fixed shortly (when it is not fixed and still does not run totally right even today).... Uggghhhh....

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    I also need to add. That I just now started to relist some items that ended toady and it STILL STOPS THEM WITH AN ERROR... This is the worst. You can not just restart it beacuse usually the first item it relists actually went up right before the error. You have to exit out of the screen. Check the last item or two that still has a check mark and then start relisting again (ohhh... if you made any changes, you have have to make them AGAIN). To relist a page of 100 items last night, took almost 1 hour. Then I got smart and relisted through Ebay... Less than 5 minutes for 200 items.... I should have learned my lesson last night and not tried using IF again.

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    ERROR AGAIN ON RELISTING - It says fetching HTTP headers....

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    Greg S.

    Fixing this (should be mostly fixed now) -- We are doing massive upgrades as fast as we can and should be completed tonight. Please try now and see if you still have this issue, but the upgrades tonight should solve it long term.

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    Thank you for the announcement Greg. I appreciate you communicating & letting us know and want to congratulate you & the inkfrog team. Please please tell me you have a profit report included in this upgrade!!  :)

    Thank you

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    Grrrr, I could not get access either to the site-- opened support and got Mail bounce back error-- I've been with the Frog for years now

    it was great and simple to use in the beginning--but they are always fiddling with it and it gets more complex and buggy

    Grrrr again --wish it was like it was!


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    I love Inkfrog when it works!  Here's hoping it will be back to normal soon...I lost out on the free listing day yesterday also, but I am looking forward to the next one with Inkfrog working!!!


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    well i for one would like to take the opportunity to THANK YOU for your product. Despite the glitches that may occur, I can  not think of one single product out there that can rival your offerings (or price!). I've been with you guys from the beta baby stages with all FOUR of my ebay stores and will stick with you thru the glitches - thats what brand loyalty is about and this here is one loyal customer! Let those other guys shop around.  I guarantee, they'll be disappointed wherever else they go!   I've regularly recommended inkfrog to every single friend I know who lists on ebay and encourage those who are considering being a seller not to even think about venturing into it without purchasing inkfrog listing services.  Keep up the good work folks!


    Ebay seller since 2006 

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    it is good news and also bad news, i hope the internet will be stable soon.... i can not work with inkfrog these days. tooooo slow.

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    i schedule my free listing on the LAST HOUR and end up PAYING listing fees when IF getting very slow and listed HALF of my listing AFTER the free listing date. A good lesson for me, NEVER SCHEDULE YOUR LISTING ON THE LAST HOUR or so. :(

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    here's my chance to request big time WHEN YOU MAKE NEW CHANGES MAKE SURE THE OLD SYSTEM WORKING 100%. CHANGE FOR THE SAKE OF CHANGE is a tedious exercise for a few of us sellers who lack computer savvy and get very comfortable with a system you have inplace. I loved INKFROG 1 it did so many things INKFROG 2 does not do like REPORTS.................I WANT REPORTS BACK. I HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR THIS FOR 2 YEARS NOW. HOW CAN YOU LOSE A PROGRAMME YOU HAD IN ONE SYSTEM and not install it in the second?? INKFROG 1 was also faster all around. Deleting picutres etc. is a complete time waster.

    But anyway back to Tuesday's sale day, most of the issues were not InkFrog's doing. It was EBay who should have opened up more streams for listings - what the heck were they thinking when they offered 5000 free listings per seller???Did they not comprehend that sellers who are not actively selling Monday would power list on Tuesday??? This happened a few years ago too and I had to contact EBay customer service to open up the window so some of us could get our listings on. Try contacting someone in EBay customer service now ???eliminate and you do not get complaints I guess....Inkfrog tried to post warnings to upload immediately but sadly a few of us were alseep when the message got posted and woke up to a headache- a very expensive headache.


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    We want reports, we want reports!!!! LOL. I agree with you on that mama_bundy. I've never understood what happened to them either.

    Well said phvink!

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    I am new to IF, having only three months experience with my own account and another three months listing for someone else.  I believe this is a potentially great system, but I can't get passed all of the errors and issues already mentioned in this post.    That is why I am actively looking for another listing service.  You know what the problems are, this is nothing new. 

    I work in the early morning and I also continually run into errors that I am told are part of the daily update/maintenance on IF's end.  This morning, for example, I tried to log in at 7:13 Eastern time to respond to your announcement.  I received the standard "soap server is not responding.  We are experiencing technical difficulties.  Please try later error message 823."    I received that message again at 7:15, 7:19, 7:23 and 7:28.  In other words, in the mornings, I lose at least half an hour worth of work.  I find that unacceptable as well.  And frustrating.  

    On the flip side, I will say the IF staff members I have dealt with are all extremely pleasant and kind.  If it weren't for them and for the lack of a better alternative listing service, I would be long gone.

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    First, I don't see any good news for me.  Posted three times with Ebay's free listing and had to pay over 300.00 for all of them. The last items posted I started at 8:00 PM and they went off at 6:00 am the next morning.  I also have problems with chat and submitting a ticket with inkfrog. Just doesn't work using all three browsers. Told them, but no results or communication. I wish I was informed of the problem well before my last posting, because they were listings I would have not posted.  Communication is a key to good business. Thanks for letting me venting.

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    There was a blurb on top of the lister that mentioned you might want to launch instead of scheduling as they might not schedule during the free listing due to high volume. I had mine scheduled and had to go in and launch them myself.

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    I just wanted to thank Inkfrog for all the hard work they put into their site. I don't rely on Ebay income for my everyday bills, selling is my hobby and I love it. The little glitches that happen here are a lot less of a problem than they were on another site that I used to use a few years ago. There are things that I think could be improved, such as mass editing. And the globals option is a complete joke. I'm no idiot, but I can't figure out how to use it properly. There has to be an easier way to do mass editing and updating of parts of listings. And for those of us with stores on Ebay, it would be nice to be able to select a large number of listings and sort them into store categories without having to go into each individual listing to make sure it's in the correct category. Thanks for listening to me.

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    I too am shopping around for a different service.  Selling on eBay is what I do full time.  It took me ONE HOUR to launch 54 listings on Tuesday.  I'm not paid by the hour, so the time I'm sitting there twiddling my thumbs waiting for the listings to launch was wasted time. 

    I earn half of my year's income between November and December.  I can't afford a glitchy service.  I will give you until January, then I'm out.

    I have contacted customer service about some issues and I seem to get excuses that are blamed on eBay.

    For example: One of my IDs has items automatically relist auction style every 7 days.  The item ends and it takes 26 HOURS for the item to relist to eBay.  So, every week, I'm losing a day of my items being out on the marketplace.  In a year's time, I'm losing almost 2 months of sales.  Considering what the revenue is from this product, I cannot and will not accept this.

    The response I get from customer service?  We need to wait until eBay tells us the item is done before the system will relist it.  WHAT?!  I know right away.  Why does it take you 26 hours?  Change how often your feeds are updated from eBay.  Instead of every 24 hours, change it to every hour.  Seems simple to me.

    We are all owed a credit for our inkfrog fees for the month of November.  PERIOD.  Tuesday was a mess, but really, there was nothing new.  It's really always a mess.  I would switch now if I weren't right in the middle of my holiday chaos.


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    Greg S.

    Hi all -- I know it maybe hard, but please trust me - Many of you who have been with inkFrog since as early as 2000 know that we always come through. We've had growing pains many times in the past and we always get through them.  I am not taking this lightly and I have 100% of staff on fixing the current site prior to bringing out our new stuff.  You will not be disappointed by our upgrades as well as our new system.  

    Also, as an update, we did a huge upgrade last night on our backend systems and we believe it to be already solved, but anybody who knows me by now I usually go overboard with things and thus I am not stopping there.  We are 100% dedicated to updating our current system right now prior to bringing out our new site from beta.

    Please stick with us and let me prove it to you all.

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    Greg S.

    Oh, and we are aware of some live/unsold/sold being out of synch at certain times. We will have this resolved by next week! You have my word on that.

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    I know people are frustrated but you're not going to find a better service for what you pay here with inkfrog.

    Things happen especially when there's a free listing day. I got frustrated a couple weeks ago when I couldn't list. I believe Greg & the team will come through with what he says.

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