New Feature - Refresh button for Live/Sold/Unsold Listings

timfrog -

We have added a new feature that allows you to refresh your Live/Sold/Unsold folders as needed. We are rolling this feature out to users in batches over the next several days.

When you are in one of the 3 folders (Live, Sold or Unsold) you will see a 'New Refresh' button for this feature.  Clicking on this button will refresh the listings for the folder you are in.


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    This does not work.  I launched a listing with InkFrog, revised it in eBay, then clicked on "refresh" and attempted to revise it via InkFrog, and when I made one change the listing had reverted back to the original inkfrog listing and all of the (IMPORTANT) changes I had made in eBay were gone.

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    The description given for this "feature" is extremely vague. What do you mean by refresh? As the comment above states, it does NOT refresh items that have been modified in ebay. It doesn't "revise" the listings if a change is made to a template. Does it just refresh the page, because that would be useless.

    Could someone explain what it actually does? And in what scenario we would use it.

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