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We are once again seeing a high number of Phishing scam emails being sent to inkfrog customers. Do NOT ever click on a link from an email that is sent out that looks like it's from inkFrog. It may NOT be from us. The scammers are building exact copy cats of our site and asking you to reauthorize or reactivate your account (or other various types of actions) in hopes that you click on the link and login to their site - once you login to their site, they now have your username and password. 

What is a Phishing scam?
There are a lot of different versions of this (a copy of one is below) , but most all of them involve sending you an email asking you to perform an action by clicking on a link. The link will take you to a website that looks just like inkfrog, and the URL will be very close to an URL, but if you look very closely at the URL, the part prior to the .com will NOT be our domain. We have even seen one that uses a q instead of a g in frog.  It's always best to just type in the URL you are trying to get to directly in your browser window to make sure you get to directly and not some other site which may look like ours. 

If you have any questions regarding any email that you receive, please contact support.


Subject: We have detected that your eBay token is invalid. 


Dear inkFrog member,

We have detected that your eBay token is invalid. This may interrupt your 
ability to post listings to eBay . It is strongly recommended that you 
create a new token as soon as possible to avoid interruption of your 

To generate a new token, please Click Here <>. Go 
to "Preferences/eBay Accounts/Update Token"

If you have any questions or comments, please visit the FAQ 
or file a support request here:

This email has been sent as a courtesy to you by inkFrog


The above is a copy of a recent phishing email

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