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You may have noticed a lot of news coming out of inkFrog recently. We have been extremely busy building you the next generation of eBay tools to power your business. We wanted to let you know about some recent updates that we have just released. These are pretty big deals which we think you will be very excited about. Learn more below.

eBay Multi-Image Support
Starting immediately for store owners, if you schedule any of your items, we will submit multiple images (using eBay's image hosting) directly into the top title bar of eBay. We also use our own image hosting for images directly inside the description to give you double the image exposure. Using eBay's image hosting helps with mobile sales and other sales, and offering you double exposure helps all the way around. When eBay releases free images for everyone in July, we will automatically launch listings with multiple eBay images for all users (store and non-store).

Unlimited Image Hosting
Starting April 1st, all of inkFrog's plans at $9.95/mo or higher will get free, unlimited image hosting! This means you never have to worry about image space or image size. In fact, we also are also making sure images are larger when they are uploaded to us. Since using inkFrog's image hosting offers you double the amount of images (eBay images + inkFrog images inside the description) it's a great value. Feel free to keep your personal images in your account also!

Our new BETA 
Many of you may have noticed our new BETA site. We are making great strides on this new product (thanks to your help) and it is receiving great feedback. We also have many other improvements coming to it which we mention briefly below. If you want to give our BETA a try, you can login to it at - Don't worry, you can always log back into inkFrog classic if you need to. You can use them both (although we recommend not to do this until you log out of one and into the other).

Our new Multi Channel Site
Yes, you heard correctly. We have been secretly building a new, Multi-Channel product behind the scenes. We have not publicly announced this yet, but would like to let inkFrog users know about this great new site before we announce it officially. Some of you may already be familiar with our product. Highwire now has an eBay lister and manager built right in. It's not just any eBay lister/manager either, it's an incredible, integrated product that allows you to create your own Store and then synch and list your products to eBay, Google, and Facebook (and soon more). It also manages your synchs and inventory auto-magically. This is not public on the Highwire website just yet, but they are available for all accounts with a 30 day free trial. If you are interested in this product, just create a store at and you will see the eBay integration once you login.

What products and features will inkFrog have out soon?
We have some incredible products coming out soon. Below are just a few:

Mobile image uploader for Iphone and Android
New template builder which will allow you to build a template how you want it.
Keep your eye out for these great products as they get released and, as always, keep on eBay'in!

From the entire inkFrog team

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