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Great news everyone, 

You can now import your inkFrog and eBay listings directly into our sister site Many of you have been manually moving items back and forth from inkFrog to Highwire which is extremely time consuming and frustrating. With our new importer, you can now import your items directly without hassle. 

New to Highwire?

If you are not yet familiar with our product, you should definitely keep reading. It's incredible software  which will allow you to list and manage your eBay listings with ease, synch product updates (including description, price, and title), and then allow you to add in channels as you need to diversify your business. It's also got all of the great tools inkFrog has like profiles, custom ad builder, and more. 

Tired of synching your updates with eBay?

Highwire allows you to create your product catalog (inventory) and use to synch updates, revisions, and product adjustments to eBay automatically. This means that any update to your catalog will automatically update eBay. If you want more than just our eBay lister, you can upgrade to a full web store and Highwire will actually end items on your store that sell on eBay and are out of stock.

How do I import my eBay and/or inkFrog listings into Highwire?

Step 1: Signup for Highwire

Step 2: Add in your eBay id from the channels-->sell on eBay section

Step 3: Visit the Catalog --> import/export page (see screenshot below)



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