New inkFrog system update

tim -

We have just released an update to the new inkFrog system.  This update includes darker text in many areas of the site including; the Dashboard and Lister pages, and a new image uploader as an alternative to the HTML5 image uploader.

Darker text was added due to user requests and will help to make the site easier to read.

The new image uploader is a Java-based uploader and can be found under the Java/Active X tab in the Images section.  While we have tested the new uploader, it is being released as a Beta feature.  Currently the uploader is not available on the Lister but we do plan on adding it to the lister at a later date.  This uploader contains tools that allow you to rotate and crop your images prior to upload.

Users with Java older than Version 7 Update 8 may experience java cache issues and clearing your java cache should correct them.  The links below contain the steps to follow on how to do this for the Windows and Mac operating systems.  Also, you can check if you have the most up to date version of Java at






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