Traffic has been updated

tim -

We've updated inkFrog Traffic to make it easier to check the hits on your listings.  The number of hits are now displayed in the 'Hits' column for both Live and Unsold listings.  To see the hits, you must activate inkFrog Traffic.  There is no cost to use inkFrog Traffic and activating it is easy.  To activate it, go to Preferences>inkFrog Traffic and change the setting to 'On' for the eBay ID's you wish to use it on.

Once Traffic is activated, the hits on your listings will begin to be captured and displayed in the 'Hits' column.  Clicking on the number will open up the Traffic application for the listing and provide you with more detailed traffic information.

inkFrog Traffic is only available in the new inkFrog.  You can access the new inkFrog by checking the 'Try the new inkFrog' box on the login page.

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