inkFrog mobile is now available!

tim -

inkFrog's mobile app is now available for your iOS and Android devices!  To get the app log in to the new inkFrog and go to Images>Upload.  Choose the Mobile tab, enter your cell phone number and click the 'Send me the Link' button.  Our system will send the link for the app to your mobile device.

With the inkFrog mobile app you can upload images directly to your inkFrog image folders from your mobile device.  It also provides a summary of information on Live and Sold Listings and Hits for 3 different time periods.  Use your inkFrog username and password to log in to the mobile app.

The mobile app is just another of the great new features only available in the new inkFrog.  Log in to the new inkFrog by checking the 'Try the new inkFrog' box on the log in page.



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