The NEW ShipSaver APP and WIDGET embedded in inkFrog

Greg S. -

Hi all, we've got some great news on the insurance front for inkFrog sellers!

We are currently releasing a brand new ShipSaver application inside inkFrog, first to a small % of accounts, and then within the next week everyone will see the new app and widget. This new app will be available in the new site under the "SmartApplications-->ShipSaver" section. It will also be available from the sold listings section inside your inkFrog account using our ShipSaver Widget (legacy and new site).

What is this new app and widget?
It's pretty simple really. In your sold section where you are used to insuring already, we've added a widget that allows you to insure your items directly from there just like always. We've also added an "app" from the Smartapplications-->Shipsaver section which will give you even more features and more advanced insuring options (like auto insure for ex.!).  It's the same great insurance you have always been purchasing, only it has more features, allows you for more control, and allows you to insure items outside of just eBay (eBay and Etsy for now, but soon more!)

One of the great benefits of the new app is the ability to completely file a claim through the app! It's a great added feature (and more coming soon).

We'd love to get your feedback on the new app and widget.  One note, the new app and widget will have the same pricing as the full website at  (see pricing there).  There were some customers who were getting discounts on the inkFrog shipping insurance but we are currently keeping everyone on the standard pricing for ShipSaver (which is still the best deal around for the best insurance!) and now we have the best application around for managing, filing, and tracking your claims.

If you don't yet see the app and widget in your account yet, just hold tight. It will be there shortly.

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    How do I remove the blue widget or make smaller. With my eye sight it makes

    it very hard to see ebay item numbers which is overshadowed by the big blue widget..  Thanks, Will 

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    Greg S.

    We made it smaller and moved it from the item number section.

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    Great is still the same on my sold in legacy..cleaed r cache reloaded and still the same. 

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    Still having an issue with huge blue widget

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