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In Beta there is a new WYSIWIG Template Creator that you can use to build your own custom templates.

To access the Template Creator, log into inkFrog Beta.  
Then go to the lister.
The Template Editor is located between the Gallery Image and Description sections.
You can continue to use the standard templates for your listings.

Click the Create New Template button to launch the Template Creator.



The Template Designer will load with a Preview window on top and the design sections on the bottom.  There are 4 design sections:
    1.       Page Style
    2.       Font Settings
    3.       Layout
    4.       Insert Image and Text
    5.       Preview Window

You can use the Back button on your Browser to exit the Template Creator (this will not save your design).



Page Style
    1.    Page Background
    2.    Content Background & Opacity
    3.    Content Border
    4.    Content Shadow



Font Settings
Choose your font settings for each content section.



Choose a layout by clicking on one of the 4 options.



Use the Insert Image and Insert Text buttons to add images and text to your template.
When your template is complete, click the Save New Template button.



To load a saved design in a listing, click the Select Saved button and choose the template name.
The Clear button will remove a template from the lister.
The Edit button will allow you to edit an existing design.


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