How to add a custom template design

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Log in to inkFrog click on the designs link at the top. On the left side click the custom templates tab. Click the custom templates folder. Click create new.

When the new window pops up you can copy and paste your html for your custom design in the box.  Name your design then click the template type.

This is how your images will be set up in your template.


Please keep in mind that your design has to have the tags put in place so that our service knows where to put your items in the template.

Click Preview tab to view your design then click Save template.

Here are our special html tags:






In the custom template selection you will also see in RED text need help? Click on that link and it will open up and give you more tags that we support.





If you do not want images to display in your description, remove the {images} tag from the custom template.  Doing this will only place images in the Gallery area on your eBay listing.


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