CODE - Images No Click To Enlarge - Full size Images - Size you uploaded them.

inkFrog Support -

Make sure that when you add the design to the custom area you select for Template type: ADVANCED or the code will not work correctly.

Just so everyone knows this is for custom templates ONLY.

Please see this link :

Use this code below if you want NO click to enlarge. The images will appear as the size you uploaded them. Not recommend for super large images.



<img src="{imageurl1}" border="0">
<img src="{imageurl2}" border="0">
<img src="{imageurl3}" border="0">
<img src="{imageurl4}" border="0">
<img src="{imageurl5}" border="0">
<img src="{imageurl6}" border="0">
<img src="{imageurl7}" border="0">
<img src="{imageurl8}" border="0">
<img src="{imageurl9}" border="0">
<img src="{imageurl10}" border="0">
<img src="{imageurl11}" border="0">
<img src="{imageurl12}" border="0">
<img src="{imageurl13}" border="0">
<img src="{imageurl14}" border="0">
<img src="{imageurl15}" border="0">
<img src="{imageurl16}" border="0">


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