How to add or change your template design

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NOTE: Sorry, there is no bulk way of doing this you must do them one by one. You can only change a template design in bulk if the listing is a saved listing. (Saved Listings do not update LIVE listings)

To bulk change your template design for saved listings please see this tutorial -

Log into your account click on LISTINGS at the top of the page.

On the left click on the eBay listings tab then click on LIVE


Once in the live folder click the title of the live listings you wish to add or change the design for.


Once the listing opens up scroll down to the Pictures Description and Template area. Click the text show/revise description.


Scroll down to template - pick choose a standard template or if you have the subscription plan that allows the Pro Series you can pick from one of those.

NOTE: Custom templates can be found under the Choose a standard template button.



When you come to the next page that shows all the templates find one you would like to use. Click the dot under the template design

click on Select Template


Then click on Revise.

Note : We must follow eBay's revising rules :)


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