eBay UK International Delivery Rate Tables

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eBay UK Delivery/Shipping Rate Tables


My eBay Account: Preferences


Log in My eBay

1. Select the Account tab

2. Select Site preferences

3. Click Edit to the right of Use postage rate tables

Delivery rate tables


1. Set delivery rates per item

2. Set international rates per item

Per item means that you are specifying the flat rate cost that your buyers in each region or country will pay.

Delivery rate tables


If you choose to set delivery rates per weight, this will add an additional charge per kilogramme to the P&P cost that you specify within your listings.

Delivery rate tables


For Domestic rate tables, you are able to set rates per surcharge. If you select this option you are selecting to charge your buyers in certain regions a specific amount in addition to the P&P cost specified within your listings.

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