Automatic Email Templates & Available Email Tags

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Log into inkFrog and click on preferences. At the top of the screen select Auto Emails.

If a default template set exists, click the title to edit this set. If a default set does not exist, click the New Template button to create one.

Enter a Name for your email template

Enter your reply email address

Select Auto or Manual

The invoice is sent at the end of the listing
Payment received is sent once a listing is marked paid in your sold folder
Item shipped is sent once a listing is marked shipped in your sold folder
Payment reminder & feedback reminders are only sent manually. You are able to send them from within your sold folder.

We've provided sample text for your email templates. You are able to modify or leave the text as it is. Any text within brackets { } are tags, and the correct information for the terms within the tags will be automatically filled out at the end of the listing when the email is sent to your customer.

Here is a list of available email tags

{item_no} eBay item number
{title} eBay auction title
{high_bidder} eBay auction winner (high bidder)
{item_price} eBay auction winning bid price
{shipping_price} shipping price for this item
{total_price} total owed for this item ({item_price} + {shipping_price})
{ebay_checkout_link} link to eBay's item page so buyer can pay (checkout)
{ebay_item_link} link to the eBay item
{seller_userid} your eBay username
{track_num} shipping tracking number
{feedback_link} link for buyer to leave feedback for you
{sellers_email} your email address (the sellers email address used in this rule)

When you are finished, please remember to click the Save button.




If you have more than one set of email templates, you are able to choose one as your default.

To do this, select the set that you wish to be the default and click the Make Default button.



When you are creating listings, you can set which email template to use for that particular listing.
This option can also be set within a profile.

To begin, when you're within the lister, select the Show the Post Sale Auto-Relist Rules link.

Select I want to send a Winning Bidder email to my Buyers and select the name of your auto email in the drop down menu.


To send an email manually, go to your Sold folder.

Select the listings, click the Email button, and select which email you would like to send to your customers.


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