What is the Library used for?

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The library is used to save a completely filled out listing page.

For example, if you're creating a new listing in SLister (the inkFrog listing page), you can opt to save the listing to your library if you're not quite ready to launch or schedule.  Then, at a later date, you are able to access this listing from within your inkFrog library and schedule or launch to eBay.

You're also able to import your live & unsold listings to the library in bulk.  The unsold listings stay within your unsold folder for as long as they appear in your My eBay area on eBay.  Once they're gone from there, they are gone from inkFrog as well.  If you save the copies of the listings to the library, you will always have that information to launch the listing later.  Library listings are never deleted unless you manually go into the library and choose to delete them or if you let your account become disabled or canceled, in that case they are permanently removed from the account after 30 days.

Library listings are not tied to your live listings even if you launch the listings to eBay from the library.  If you revise any information on a live listing, it does not update the library listing and the same is true if you revise a library listing, it does not revise the live listing.

You're also able to start a new listing using a saved library listing.  To do so, access SLister (inkFrog's listing page) and select the Import from Library button at the top of the page.  Once the library listing is chosen, the specific data from that listing will prefill the SLister and you're able to make any changes necessary to create and launch or schedule your new listing.

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