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Shipsaver Payments

Setting up Automatic or Manually Approved Payments







You will be prompted to log into your Paypal account to set up the subscription.

Please be sure that you have your browser set to allow pop-ups.


Agree to the terms at Paypal and then you will be returned to the ShipSaver application within inkFrog to begin insuring your packages.







Select SApps then click the Account tab

Click the edit icon or the Add Balance button

Select Auto Re-charge Yes or No

Select an Auto-Recharge Amount if you selected Yes above

After selecting the above options, click the Next button

Auto payments - Payments will be deducted immediately when there are insufficient funds in an account for the insured item(s). Example, if you have a $1.00 balance in your account and go to insure an item that would cost $1.58, the auto payment amount will immediately be deducted when you insure this item.

Manual payments - You will have to manually add the payment when there are insufficient funds in your account. You will be prompted to make the payment in order to insure items if there are insufficient funds in your account to cover the cost of the insurance.


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