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Who receives the claim payment?

The seller (insured) receives the claim settlement. Payment is made via PayPal payment to the email address provided during the claim process. There are no PayPal fees taken from the insured. We do not pay the consignee.


Who files the claim, buyer or seller?

The seller of the item must file all claims!  


Is insurance provided through inkFrog?

No, this insurance is not through inkFrog. The insurance is through a third party company called Shipsurance Insurance Services, which is underwritten by Underwriters at Lloyds of London. We are simply using our buying power and our ShipSaver Insurance App to offer our members a great price. We offer the ability to purchase this insurance quickly and easily to save time. Because we buy in bulk, using all of our members power, you save!  


What if I live outside the US or Canada?

Only shipments ORIGINATING FROM the US or Canada qualify for this insurance! We hope to have international support at a later time.


How do I charge my buyers for insurance?

This is completely up to you. Just as we can't tell you how to price your items, we can't tell you how to, or if you should, charge for insurance. Many sellers input this cost into their item price or their handling charge. Because our insurance is offered at such a huge discount, it will be easier to include this cost into your listings.


When should I add insurance to my items?

You should add insurance to your item the same day that you ship it, up to one day after you ship it. You have up to one (1) calendar day from when you ship your item until you can insure your item with us. Thus, if you shipped your item yesterday, you can still add insurance up to one calendar day after it shipped. However, we recommend you do not delay and add the insurance as soon as possible and/or on the day you ship your item.  Once it has been more than one calendar day after the ship date, an item cannot be insured.


Why should I use inkFrog's ShipSaver Insurance App?

To protect against any lost or damaged packages, all sold items should be insured when shipped. Shipping problems do arise. You, as the seller, need to be sure you are protected. Using our ShipSaver Insurance App allows you to get great shipping insurance coverage while using our buying power to get you a huge discount on the coverage.

Another great benefit of inkFrog's ShipSaver Insurance App is it saves you time. You can add insurance to your online sales items, in bulk, without going to the Post Office or without having to provide any external reports. Your packages will be covered without any outside indication of coverage, leading to a decreased chance of loss. You can also file claims directly through ShipSaver online. In short, it's quicker, easier, cheaper, and it's completely done online.      


Can I insure a laptop, LCD, TV, mobile phone or tablet?

These items are not insurable!

These items are either very prone to loss or extremely fragile and are commonly not packed and shipped properly. Because of this, they are excluded from coverage.    


Can I insure USPS International First Class shipments?

Yes, this is one of the great benefits of using our ShipSaver Insurance App to buy insurance! You can ship your items via USPS International First Class and be insured! It's Just $1.00 per $100 of coverage, per package, up to $999.99! USPS does not offer insurance coverage for this shipping method, so using our insurance is a great way to get the coverage you need.  


What happens after a claim is paid but the shipment eventually arrives?

Please contact Shipsurance at and provide the claim number if a shipment shows up after a claim is paid. They will contact you and work out the claim payment refund process. This often happens for shipments that get delayed in customs.


Should I refund the buyer when they tell me their shipment is lost or damaged?

DO NOT REFUND THE BUYER UNTIL THE CLAIM IS SETTLED! The insurance company will require a signed statement/affidavit from the buyer indicating loss or damage. If you refund the buyer they no longer have any incentive to assist you in the claim process and your claim may not get completed. We understand that your buyer may file a PayPal chargeback or eBay complaint, however, in order to complete your claim you should not refund them until the claim process is complete.


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