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Creating a New Listing


Log into inkFrog

Select SLister

  • Enter the Title for your listing
  • Enter the Price
  • Enter the Quantity
    • If you're entering a quantity larger than one a new option will appear asking for a max quantity per buyer.  Using this option, you're able to set a maximum amount of this product that you're willing to sell to a single buyer.





Next, you're able to add previously uploaded images or upload new images for the listing using the Add Image button.


Below that, you will find the description box to enter your description text with various tools available to assist with formatting your text.




Manage Images


  • Select All
  • Deselect All
  • Per Page View
  • Sort by Name or Date
  • View Descending/Ascending
  • View in Grig or List
  • Page Selection
  • Close
  • Upload New Images
  • Send Selected Images to Lister







Uploading Images

  • Overwrite Duplicates

  • Add Watermark
  • Resize Images
  • Select the folder to upload to on the left side of the window
    • Make the above selections, if needed, before uploading
  • Select the Add More Files button & choose your images to upload
  • Select the Upload button






Listing Performance


  • Marketplace: Select the eBay Market for the listing as well as the Currency
  • eBay ID:  Select your eBay ID
  • Listing Type: Select Fixed Price or Auction
  • Listing Duration:  Select the Duration for your listing
  • Primary & Secondary Category:  Select your Primary Category & Secondary Category




Item Properties


  • Sub Title:  Enter your Sub Title
  • SKU:  Enter your custom SKU
  • Item Condition:  Select the Item Condition
  • Variations: If you're creating a listing that has multiple options, turn Variations on to create a Multi-Sku Variation style listing




If you've chosen to turn Variations on, the item variation options will appear on the listing page.

Enter a sub SKU for each entry.

Select the + button to add more lines for additional options

Add Variations Option will offer more column suggestions for the variations of your item




Select your Image Variations if applicable



Additional Properties


  • Additional properties are item specifics.  The Item Specifics that appear will change depending upon the category that you select.






  • Immediate Payment:  If you require immediate payment, turn this option on
  • Payment Options:  Select the payment options you'll offer to your customers
  • Paypal Email:  If you've selected Paypal as a payment option, enter your Paypal email address





  • Returns Accepted: Turn this option on if you accept returns, if you do not accept returns leave the option off.

If you've set the option to on, the return policy values will need to be entered.






    • Location Country:  Select the country your product will ship from
    • Postal Code:  Enter your postal code
    • Location Details:  Enter the locationtext
    • Sales Tax:  Select the sales tax options

Shipping Type: 

      Select the type of

shipping you'll offer to your customers

  • Handling Time:  Select the handling time




Enter your Domestic & International shipping options




Package Details


  • Package Type:  Select the package type
  • Estimated Weight:  Enter the weight of the package
  • Dimensions: Enter the package dimensions




Marketing Options


  • Best offer:  Select whether or not to use Best Offer and set automatic accept & decline offers options
  • Privacy:  Make Listing Private
  • Charity ID:  If you donate a portion of your proceeds to charity, make the charity selection here
  • Listing Enhancements:  Optional listing enhancements (eBay does charge additional listing fees for using these options)




Buyer Requirements

  • Turn this option on or off and if on, select the criteria for blocking certain buyers



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