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inkFrog Traffic allows you to view who is viewing your listings and where your traffic is coming from. Stay informed about your listings and analyze your traffic trends.


Log into inkFrog

Select SApps

Click on inkFrog Traffic




  1. Select your eBay ID

  2. Select your Date Range

  3. View your Dashboard

  4. Visitors displays the visit count to your listings using the date range that you select

  5. Actions displays a visitor graph

  6. Uniques displays how many unique visitors you've had view your listings

  7. Time displays the average time viewers spent on your listings

  8. Bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who enter a listing and "bounce" (leave the listing) rather than continue viewing other pages

  9. A Visitors graph overview

10. Export your data to a PDF file



1. Links displays any links leading to your listings

2. Searches display any keywords or recent searches leading to your listings



Locale display the Countries, Cities, Languages, Org (internet service providers), and Hostnames for the ISP for the viewers who have looked at your listings



Content displays your view for the day so far, the arrow icons are links that will take you directly to the eBay listing

Once you click the percentage you're shown the Traffic sources for that particular listing



Traffic sources displays the amount of traffic from Direct or other Links to the listing

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