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On your dashboard you will find a list of your recent orders.



Dollar Button - Indicates whether the order is paid or unpaid (If the icon is green, this indicates it is paid)

Plane Button - Indicates if the order has been shipped (If the icon is green, this indicates it is shipped)

Lock Button - Indicates if the order is insured (If the icon is green, this indicates it is insured)
Click this button to insure an individual order
To cancel insurance on an order, click the green lock icon

Trash Button - Removes the order from the dashboard


Refresh & Filter


1. Select this button to refresh your list of orders

2. Select this button to filter your orders by paid, shipped, not insured, or date range


Combine & Insure Orders


Combine & Insure - You're able to select orders by the same buyer and combine them and insure

Select your orders and click Combine & Insure


Multiple Packages


If the order(s) will be shipping in multiple packages, be sure to select the mutiple packages button


Insure Multiple Orders


You're also able to insure multiple separate orders at one time. From your dashboard, select the orders and click the Insure button



Add Transaction


Add Transaction - You're also able to add a transaction from any other marketplace to your Shipsaver account in order to insure the package!



Fill out the above form after selecting Add Transaction to add the order to your dashboard

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