How to use Find and Replace

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NOTE: For the find and replace feature to work you must have the FULL html and text from the CODE VIEW of the listing or it will not work correctly.

First go to the item and copy from the CODE view of the description the full text and html you wish to take out. Highlight it with your mouse so you can copy it.


Next, go to the folder where the items that you wish to edit are located. Then check the box in front of the items.

You're able to select all the items on the page if you check the top box.


Click the Options button at the top of the page and choose Find & Replace.


In the top box in the pop-up enter the html text that you copied over from the listing you wish to have replaced.

In the second box add in what you wish to replace it with. Leave this box blank if you wish to replace with nothing.

Click the button find and replace.


You will see a gray box saying that it is processing. Depending on how many listings you selected, it can take some time for all of them to update. Once they have been updated you will see a window saying 'Text has been replaced for all selected listings'.

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